Nurse Visits

Regular RN Visits Insure Proper Care

After an initial assessment by our staff, clients in need of personal care receive a full nursing assessment by an AllCare Registered Nurse Supervisor RN (a Registered Nurse). The RN will meet with your loved one to evaluate them and fill out the admission forms. This evaluation will determine their individual needs; assess their circumstances and needs to create a Service Plan that will meet short term and ongoing needs with an appropriate level of care.  This Service Plan will be done in partnership with members of the client’s medical team and family as appropriate. Our RN will remain actively involved in their care with visits on a regular basis to assess any possible changes you need to be aware or of new care options you may want to consider.

Whether your loved one is simply dealing with the normal struggles of aging or coping with the affects of Alzheimer’s or dementia, we understand that your family will feel much better knowing there’s a medical professional on the case.

Contact us today to set up a complimentary care assessment interview. We can meet in your home, your loved one's home or at our offices – whatever’s best for you.