It all begins with a plan to help you feel better!

"Our goal at AllCare Advanced goes beyond just helping our clients remain in their own home.

We believe the healing and strengthening that occurs in the home helps our clients truly thrive."


The Initial Contact

The first step is to begin compiling all the information needed to develop a unique individual care plan for our clients.  This begins with our first contact with you.  By filling out the form on the get care now page we get a head start with data needed to begin the process. All information we obtain is kept secure and confidential.

We will follow-up with a telephone call to go over:

  • Who we are and what we do to help people like you
  • What are the needs that you are interested in satisfying
  • What ways are available to meet these goals
  • Our pricing and payment methods
  • The steps to placing the caregiver in the home
  • Any questions you might have about the process

Registered Nurse Visit 

The telephone interview assessment is followed by a visit from our Administrator/Supervisor (a Registered Nurse) when necessary and applicable. The nurse will conduct a full nursing assessment and design a personal care plan just for your loved one.

Caregiver Selection

The next step is to match the right caregiver for your needs as outlined in the care plan and your input.  We have an extensive data base on all our caregivers. This includes their experience, skill sets as well as personality type information to ensure a compatible match. 

Implementation of Service 

After we have all this information in place we confirm the availability of the chosen caregivers. An AllCare representative will contact you to go over all the documents. We then arrange for the start of service.

Our Administrator/Supervisor and/or Client Care Coordinator oversees all our caregivers and makes visits on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the care plan. 

You can rest easy because we have caregivers available for emergency or scheduling issues. Someone is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that can handle the situation. 

We also have a continuous supply of excellent caregivers who are ready in case your caregiver falls ill or has an emergency or just doesn't fit. All of our caregivers are our employees so we handle their compensation, insurance and benefits.  This leaves you free to spend quality time with your loved one.

Contact us today to set up a complimentary care assessment interview. We can meet you wherever is best for you.