What Our Clients Say

"Thank you so much for your help with our mother. She was completely against having a caregiver and you helped her understand her needs and the benefits of having someone with her during the day time. You even picked a caregiver she now dearly loves. We thought she would fight us all the way but now she is so happy it's hard to believe she is the same woman. We can't believe how well you matched her with this lovely caregiver and how quickly our mom has taken to enjoying her being around. She even told the caregiver today she wants to increase the number of days she comes. Another shock to us but one you predicted.
Thank you again for your personal service, careful attention, and swift response to our questions or phone calls. We will surely recommend you to all we know who may be looking for the same kind of personal care. We are very glad we made the call and you responded so compassionately and with great care."
Larry (Silver Spring, Md.)

"I am happy to write a recommendation for your company because we have found your services extremely helpful. My father is living with us and we have found, though he is very independent, he has become unsteady and needs to have a companion with him while we are at work.We appreciate your swift response and willingness to work with us to find a compatible male companion to be with him. Your caregiver has done an outstanding job in attending to dad's needs and has helped him be able to get out of the house and enjoy things we are unable to do with him because of work schedules. It is so good to see him enjoying life again, not just sitting around the house. Little things like taking him for a haircut, buying his own shoes, attending a sports event. Things he used to do all the time but before becoming house bound. 
We realize it is difficult to find male caregivers and do appreciate your working with us to provide for his request and needs for privacy in this respect as well."  
Thank you again,
Helen (Gaithersburg, Md.)